Enough Waste?

Our vending machine mixes your favorite drink directly on the spot, offering you a way to enjoy a drink without any waste.

Use ufill, take a refill and change the way you treat your bottle!


ufill is a pre-startup inspired by the idea to promote the use of refillable bottles. We want to offer you beverage machines with healthy and delicious drinks in public and company buildings. Our machines will clean your refillable bottle and offer you a wide choice of organic and regional syrup-based drinks with soda. You will even be able to choose the mix ratio of syrup and water yourself! On top of that, you can buy your own sustainable reusable bottle directly from the machine. Or just use our machine with any kind of bottle you are carrying along. No matter which design.

Where will you get our drinks first?

We aim for starting at university buildings in Berlin. This way all customers will be able to come by and taste a delicious sustainable drink.

Key Benefits


Drinks sold in plastic bottles are not just an environmental problem. They can also become a social problem.

Just look at bottled water:

○ In the United States it is estimated that the production of the bottles alone requires 17 million barrels of oil a year. (source: UNEP)

○ It takes 3 litres of water to produce one litre of bottled water. (source: UNEP)

○ The manufacture of every ton of PET produces around 3 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Bottling water thus created more than 2.5 million tons of CO2 in 2006. (source: Pacific Institute)

○ More energy is used and CO2 produced to move it by truck, train, ship, or air freight to the user. (source: Pacific Institute)

Problem with drinks sold in bottles

resource consumption

branding, bottling and transportation of a 0,7l glass bottle uses 21% of the total fossil resources needed for production of a drink. [source]


plastic or glass it doesn't matter, drinks causes CO₂ and uses fossil resources

a returnable glass bottle can be reused in average only 7 times

recycled plastic bottles can only be reused as inferior products

your health

most drinks available in a vending machine contain high dose of sugar


We are six very motivated young professionals believing in the idea of making our world more sustainable. That is all the drive we need to spend as much as we can of our time for ufill.

Anne is our genius when it comes to food technology. She is making sure that all the drinks available in the machine reach the high standards of the German Food Law. Carla is the spirit of ufill. Thanks to her drive and compassion ufill is progressing exceptionally well.

Every good team needs an organising and planning talent – here Ivo comes in. He manages us, overlooks all the different tasks and is our business development expert. Oguz is the creative head of the team with expertise in programming and design. Whatever you think looks awesome is probably made by him. Al is our leader of construction. He knows better than anyone else about our ufill machine. You are interested in technical aspects? Ask Al! Fritz has multiple talents – knowing about engineering and business he adds highly valued knowledge to our work. Always being aware of the connection between the machine and a successful business.

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Person responsible: Carla Bormann | +49 30 314 224 42 | Hauptstraße 13, 10827 Berlin, Germany | contact@ufill.de

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